Winter is Coming

The group exhibition ‘Winter is Coming’ appropriately takes place in the 2015 South African winter months at The Equus Gallery at Cavalli Estate. 

Artists are encouraged to investigate the classic adage ‘Winter is Coming’ with potential references to the trendy application of the motto in contemporary culture, inspired by the popular series ‘Game of Thrones’. The authentic meaning behind these words is however a profound warning that encourages constant vigilance - a reprimand to prepare for the adversities of winter or an omen of possible death and despair - these themes could be explored in a broader context with relevant allusions. 

The Latin phrase “memento mori” (“remember you have to die”), was whispered into the ears of victorious Roman generals during their parade of triumph, to remind them that all earthly success is fleeting.

George R.R. Martin (author of ‘Game of Thrones’), defines the metaphysical perception of the motto ‘Winter is Coming’ with the sentiment that dark periods are realities of life. In times of good fortune (summer), hardship (winter) should be expected and prepared for. 

Further analogies are found in Shakespear’s Richard III with Richard of the House of York’s opening line, “Now is the Winter of our Discontent / Made glorious Summer by this

Exhibition Details

Exhibitions Dates:
3 April 2015 until 21 June 2015