What Lies Beneath

The exhibition ‘What Lies Beneath’ appropriately takes place in the 2014 South African winter months at Equus Gallery on Cavalli Estate. The fundamental themes that will be explored reference to death, decay, deterioration and perplexed darkness. An extreme dark content aspires to create an underlying current of expectation, anticipation (and possibly hope) for a breakthrough of life and resurgence into the light.

The artists and artworks chosen to represent the title ‘What Lies Beneath’ will aim to emphasize the degenerate elements of severe darkness through content and/or application to persuade viewers into an abyss of gloom, confronted with processes of unsettling obscurity in order to create an ultimate comparison to life, enlightenment and the restorative potential of nature, which will be explored in a following exhibition.

The selection will include Figurative, Abstract and Conceptual work including Land-and- Cityscapes in all mediums as well as Sculpture and Performance.

Exhibition Details

Exhibitions Dates:
19 April 2014 until 20 July 2014