Kingdom II

“I feel the need to fall in love with the world, to forge that relationship ever more strongly. But maybe I don’t have to work so hard. I have thought nature indifferent to humans, to one more human, but maybe the reverse is true. Maybe the world is already in love, giving us these gifts all the time-the glimpse of a fox, tracks in the sand, a breeze, a flower – calling out all the time, take this. And this. Don’t turn away”

- Sharman Apt Russell

Humans are losing sight of the inherent, animalistic nature within – an irrefutable consequence of a fast paced highly technological world, dwindling ecosystems and parasitic urban growth. Illusions of timelessness and the absence of commodities are the main attractions that inspire escape from industrial life into the pristine realms of the natural kingdom. 

The process of abstraction and contemplation in the production of contemporary natural spectacle or experience, demand significant administrative and technical intervention to project nature as a reality without social or historical connections – a process of erasure, erasing itself – Nature explicitly presented as the ultimate commodity.

Exhibition Details

Exhibitions Dates:
4 September 2015 until 1 November 2015