The exhibition ‘Kingdom’ takes place during the 2014 South African spring months at The Equus Gallery at Cavalli Estate. The themes that will be explored are motivated by nature - resurgence, life, growth, creativity and exhilarating colour.

Artworks selected to represent the title ‘Kingdom’ will investigate elements that have nature at heart through the artists’ personal perception and application of concept, context and medium to inspire pleasure, contentment, wonder and curiosity.

An insightful awareness is anticipated of the natural or nature inspired beauty that surrounds us - the profound wisdom, wealth and joy gained from interaction with the character and power of the natural ‘Kingdom’ is too often taken for granted or unobserved from a restrained distance. The selection will include Figurative, Abstract and Conceptual work as well as Landscapes and Land-art, in all mediums, and will include Sculpture, Photography and Performance.

Exhibition Details

Exhibitions Dates:
9 August 2014 until 12 October 2014