The exhibition 'Equus' aims for a contemporary exploration of passion, strength, beauty and integrity represented by the equestrian element comprised in the Cavalli brand.

As the 'Year of the Horse' has drawn to a close at the end of 2014, we pay homage to the intrinsic qualities embodied by these majestic creatures. Horses are often portrayed as divine, sacred or totem animals, impersonating and representative of ultimate strength, passionate desire, forward momentum, volatility and freedom of expression.

In Jungian terms the harnessed horse symbolizes natural force mastered by mankind through the 'harnessing' of personal energy to express individual autheticity and in this context, the themes for the exhibition are explored with reference to Peter Schaffer's play 'Equus'.

The exhibition comprises of two and three dimensional work in all mediums and within the categories of figurative , abstract, land-and-city scape, conceptual and multi-media applications.

Exhibition Details

Exhibitions Dates:
22 November 2014 until 15 February 2015