The term ‘Aphrodisiac’ was inspired by the Greek Goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and procreation, Aphrodite (and her Roman equivalent Venus).

Artists were encouraged to explore the related themes in a wider context.

“Art is the sex of the imagination. No one can deny that creativity and carnality are closely linked. Perhaps there is a sexual charge placed in every artwork at its making, perhaps the mere act of looking at art itself is erotic” - George Jean Nathan

Artworks include references to interpretations of exotic ingredients which contain the mysterious powers of arousal as well as Mythology and Folklore.

Power, Money and Intelligence can be investigated as 21st century aphrodisiacs which may possibly result in additional insight into contemporary morality.

“Power is an Aphrodisiac”- Henry Kissinger

Exhibition Details

Exhibitions Dates:
14 February 2015 until 29 March 2015