What does clay want?

Dug from the wet earth at Baardskeerdersbos, the artist discovers the startling colours of the local clay. Yellow, red, pink, purple and burnt-brown.

Packing handfuls of musty-smelling wet earth into transparent plastic bags, the clay already speaks into her hands. In her Somerset-West side street-side studio, slowly, volume takes sensual shape in PINK AND PEACH and eggplant PURPLE brown.


Tomorrow the clay will soak up the pain from PATCH’s bruised kids. Blind Quentin’s clay vessels show us what he sees AND WE DON’T.

Yesterday’s clay remembers when Alzheimer’s makes her forget herself. And it’s time that all pay tribute, to this massive mortiality, the pink of punk perfection as photography in the mud.

Finnegan’s Wake 277.23-26

Exhibition Details

Exhibitions Dates:
10 December 2016 until 5 February 2017